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Western Saddles
Barrel Saddles Trail Saddles Roping Ranch Penning/Sorting 
  Reining/Cutting  Working Cowhorse
English Saddles
Close Contact All Purpose

At Desert Saddlery we feature a wide variety of saddles for the many equestrian disciplines. We only carry the highest quality saddles. We offer saddle fitting for the convenience of our customer and the comfort of their horses. Our customers are our most valuable asset and we strive to meet or exceed their expectations.

Western Saddles

Barrel Saddles

Circle Y Extreme Performance Belle 14"   Martha Josey Ultimate Cash 14".   Martha Josey Flex 2 Crystal Challenger 15".   Cactus Saddlery Charmayne James Record Breaker 14".   Cactus Saddlery Charmayne James Barrel 15"   Kelly Kaminski Blaze Flex 2 Barrel
Circle Y Kelly Kaminski Shooting Star 14"   Circle Y Kelly Kaminski Studded Croc 14".   Circle Y Just-B-Natural Augusta Barrel 14"   Circle Y Lisa Lockhart Dynamo 14"   Circle Y Lisa Lockhart Fast and Furious 15"   Circle Y The Proven Rush15"
4660z 6073zan 6332y 6349z 46140 3573man
Courts Sharon Camarillo 4660z barrel saddle 14" Courts Sharon Camarillo 6073 zan barrel saddle 15"   Courts Sharon Camarillo 6332Y Barrel Saddle 14" Courts Sharon Camarillo 6349Z Barrel Saddle 14" Courts Sharon Camarillo 46140 Barrel Saddle 15" Courts 3573man Barrel Saddle 15"
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Trail Saddles

Circle Y Elk Ridge Flex 2 Trail 16"   Circle Y Omaha Flex 2 Trail 15,16 & 17"   Circle Y Oasis Flex 2 Arabian Trail 15.5"   Circle Y Laramie Flex 2 Trail 17"   Circle Y SupeRide TahoeTrail 16"   Circle Y SupeRide Yosemite Gaited Trail 16"
Circle Y Pioneer Flex 2 Trail 17"   Circle Y Topeka Flex 2 Trail 16" & 17"   Circle Y  Alabama Trail Gaiter 15"   Circle Y Just-B-Natural Tree Free Trail 16"   Circle Y Julie Goodnight Peak Perf. Monarch  Arena Perf. Trail 16"   Circle Y Julie Goodnight Peak Perf. Wind River Trail 15.5"
Sale_Items/Saddles/MineralWells BigSprings RoundRock tuckerEndurance HighHorseEldorado
Courts 90317 Trail 15" High Horse Mineral Wells 17" High Horse Big Springs Trail 16" High Horse Round Rock 16" Tucker Endurance 16.5" High Horse Eldorado Cordura 16"
TuckerCheyenne TuckerHighPlains TuckerBuffaloTrail TuckerPineRidgeMule TuckerEquitationEndurance  
Tucker Cheyenne 17.5" Tucker High Plains 18.5" Tucker Buffalo Trail 17.5" Tucker Pine Ridge Mule 16.5" Tucker Endurance 16.5  


Circle Y Xtreme Perf, Brookville 16"   Circle Y Xtreme Perf. Junction Roper 15.5"   Circle Y Xtreme Perf. Newton Roper 16"   Circle Y Maverick Basket Roper 15"   Courts 1573 Roper 15"
  Courts Dee Pickett Roper 16"


Circle Y Xtreme Perf. Oakdale Ranch 17"   Circle Y Xtreme Perf. Baxter Ranch 16"   Circle Y Desert Creek Ranch 17"   Courts hard seat ranch 15.5"   Courts hard seat ranch 16"



Circle Y XP Dodge Ranch Sorter 16.5"                    


Circle Y Fargo Reiner 16"   Circle Y Fort Worth Ranch Cutter 17"   Courts Reiner 17"            

Working Cowhorse

Circle Y Working Cowhorse saddle                    

English Saddles


Close Contact

M.Toulousse Padjette close contact saddle   Henri De Rivel Advantage close contact saddle   Henri De Rivel Advantage cross country saddle   Henri De Rivel Club close contact saddle.        

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All Purpose

Henri De Rivel Club all purpose saddle.   Wintec Pro all Purpose saddle.   Wintec 500 all purpose saddle.   Wintec 250 all purpose saddle.        

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Wintec Isabell Dressage saddle.   Wintec Pro Dressage saddle.   New Wintec 500 Wide Dressage saddle.   New Wintec 250 Dressage saddle.        

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